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Top Gun became a box office hit in 1986 thanks to a combination of exhilarating visuals, high-octane storytelling and – perhaps most importantly – a dynamic soundtrack. Filmmakers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson had witnessed successful synergy between movies and albums before, having previously overseen the soundtracks to Flashdance and Beverly Hills Cop. While both men were […]

Rock fans on Saturday mourned the loss of Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who died Friday night at her home in Newport Beach, Calif. at the age of 59. The actress and model starred in several Whitesnake videos and graced the covers of Ratt‘s self-titled debut EP and debut full-length, Out of the Cellar. Kitaen met and started […]

Actress Tawny Kitaen, who recently died at age 59, was not the original choice to play the leading lady in Whitesnake‘s music video for their 1987 smash hit, “Here I Go Again,” but as lead singer (and her ex-husband) David Coverdale remembered it, she was perfect for the part. “Claudia Schiffer was supposed to be […]

In 1977, keen-eyed Van Halen fans caught an unexpected glimpse of David Lee Roth’s family home during an episode of The Bionic Woman. In “Jaimie and the King,” heroine Jamie Sommers – played by Lindsay Wagner – was sent to Monte Carlo to protect a Persian prince and his father from assassination. Rather than sending […]

There comes a point in every famous rock star’s career where security guards become a necessary part of the equation. Tom Petty first began living with tighter security in the early ’80s, and even though he was slightly reluctant to accept the new reality, he wound up befriending his security guard and writing a song about […]

On May 4, 1977, Farrah Fawcett made her final appearance as a series regular on Charlie’s Angels. Her departure from the cast was something few fans saw coming. In her role as Jill Munroe, Fawcett had become the series’ breakout star. Though the blonde bombshell had turned heads in previous parts, including brief appearances on […]

Stevie Wonder took full creative control on 1972’s Music of My Mind, after more broadly asserting himself on 1971’s Where I’m Coming From. The first stirrings of this independent streak, however, trace back several years before to Up-Tight. He’d been in the midst of a dry spell on the charts, after becoming the youngest ever […]

Nick Mason left The Wall behind before Pink Floyd even finished mixing the troubled project, determined to reengage with music again. He ended up in New York, working with the talented jazz pianist and bandleader Carla Bley. It wasn’t always as much of a left turn as it sounded, though Mason took pains back then […]

On the cover of her 2011 album, In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks appears in a flowing black gown, bathed in light, while standing beside a white horse. The image – romantic and whimsical, while still maintaining a foot in the real world – perfectly reflected the songs found on the LP. Ten years had passed since Nicks’ […]

In the late ‘70s, Eagles were on top of the world thanks to their massively successful album, Hotel California. The LP’s third single, “Life in the Fast Lane,” released on May 3, 1977, kept them on top. The song’s origins can be traced to three distinct places. Its title was the result of some wild antics, […]