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Give your low-end more punch without eating up headroom using this smart, free Live Effects Rack, exclusively from EuroMix and MusicTech. MusicTech and dance production experts Euromix are teaming up to give away HyperBass, an exclusive free Effects Rack for Ableton Live that gives your low-end more punch. READ MORE: Use Logic, not Live? More […]

Music theory can sometimes have you following specific rules or patterns to create interesting melodies. But rules were made to be broken. Leaving your sequences to chance can have its advantages, particularly with Ableton Live’s Random device. Getting creative with Random can result in some intriguing melodic and percussive parts that you may not think […]

[embedded content] As Ableton Live’s first MIDI device, Impulse can often be overshadowed by the more complex devices in Live’s arsenal. Of course, there is more than meets the eye with Impulse. Despite its basic approach to sample manipulation, Impulse can be creatively used to garner some nuanced results. In this Ableton Live tutorial, Liam […]

Among Ableton Live’s more nuanced instruments is Wavetable. The synthesizer, true to its name, harnesses wavetable synthesis to morph between classic waveshapes and mould new, complex waveshapes. It doesn’t end there, though – Wavetable can also be used as a subtractive synth and even boasts FM properties. It’s time to find out how we can […]

Sometimes it can feel difficult to turn that brilliant 16-bar loop you’ve been working on into a fully fledged track. Thankfully, there are loads of strategies for building your existing material into an arrangement. In this Ableton Live tutorial, Liam O’Mullane dives deep into arranging your music using Live’s Arrangement View. You’ll learn how to […]

Limiters are often seen as a dark art of music production or as a means of simply making your mix louder. Ableton Live‘s limiters are easy to use, though, and can do more than just amp up your track. Along with their ability to prevent your mix from clipping, they can also be used creatively […]

Now that we know how to set up our perfect template, it’s time to get familiar with the template browser in Ableton Live. The DAW already comes with some useful templates that you can use to quickly get started on a new project, but you may want to edit these and add your own so […]

Ableton Live’s physical object modelling effect, Corpus, is seldom used in the average project. It’s also often overlooked by many producers, mainly because of its mysterious and unique workflow. The reality is, when you route audio to this unassuming device, it will emulate different materials to generate exotic and otherworldly sounds. In this Ableton Live […]

As creatures of habit, we often stick to the things we know when making new music. It might be using the same set of instruments or effects, or the same time signature and tempo. We might find, however, that a whole world of creative possibilities and interesting potential lay outside of 4/4 and 120bpm. And, […]

The hardware synthesizer market was relatively quiet this month, but intriguing music tech business developments and acquisitions were rife. Likewise, software and tech innovation brought AI vocalists and NFTs into the limelight, instigating heated discussions and new opportunities. For the first time in a while, talk of in-person events came back into the conversation, much […]