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Using return tracks, or busses, is a commonplace technique to mix an instrument with a wet effect, such as reverb, delay or distortion. In Ableton Live, this is easily achieved and you can create as many Return Tracks as you need. But controlling each one can be tedious – what if you wanted to apply […]

The wait is finally over: Ableton Live 11 has launched, bringing along a host of community-requested features and new tools for production and live performance. Read our review below. Major new features on the production side include comping and linked-track editing, MPE compatibility and of course, all-new devices such as Hybrid Reverb, which combines convolution […]

Ableton has announced that Live 11 will be available to purchase and download from 23 February 2021. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, check out our review here. The new iteration of Live focuses on experimentation with probability, randomisation and MPE compatibility. Comping is included in Live 11 for a more comprehensive approach […]

Ever wanted to give yourself a robotic voice or create rich, textural vocal chords? You’ll need a vocoder. This used to be a costly affair – a Roland VP-330 vocoder would cost you upwards of $2,500 in the 80s. Fortunately, now you’ve got a vocoder sitting right in your DAW with Ableton Live’s Vocoder device. […]

Have you ever collaborated with someone who’s using a different DAW to you and found yourself endlessly bouncing out audio to work with? Dylan Tallchief of Jukeblocks has made a conversion tool for FL Studio and Ableton Live so you can switch between DAWs and retain MIDI, plug-in and arrangement information. Converting the FLP to […]

Ableton Live is packed with intriguing effects that add colour to your sounds. Erosion and Vinyl Distortion are two unassuming devices that are often overlooked but are capable of imparting subtle artefacts to your music. Erosion can enhance the percussive elements in your sounds, while Vinyl Distortion will help you achieve lo-fi vibes. In this […]

Ableton Live 11 beta brings us new devices and updated devices – some are instruments, some are audio effects – yet the updates are not always obvious at first glance. There are other flagship new features in Live 11, such as track comping, to name an obvious example, and we’ll be delving deep into that […]

If your hard drive is rapidly filling up with Ableton Live Packs, and you’re running out of space, we’ve got just the trick for you. This time, MusicTech Ableton Live expert Liam O’Mullane explains how to move your Packs, User Library, Temporary Folder and more to alternative locations to free up hard disk space. All […]

If you’ve ever felt slightly daunted by all the different types of keys and scales, then Ableton Live has a way for you to put all of that out of your mind and keep making great music. The Scale MIDI Device lets you nudge incoming or recorded MIDI on to new pitches. So, even if […]

Every DAW is packed with buttons, knobs, faders and menus. It’s no wonder so many of them go unnoticed and unused. The Fold button in Ableton Live’s MIDI editor is a perfect example of such a button. Although it’s tucked away and isn’t imperative to recording and producing music, it can be a useful tool […]